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The missing link

There is a catch to the great success of the development of wind and solar technologies in Spain: It lacks citizen participation. Democratizing the generation of energy creates wealth for the whole of society and is key to facing the climatic emergency. This is why we need an energy REVOLUTION.

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EUROSOLAR Spain's activities 2018

During 2018 the Spanish EUROSOLAR section has done the following activities:

1) Participation in the Civil Society Working Group on Energy Policies for the Generalitat de Catalunya (Government of Catalonia) to prepare a Report on the Energy Policies for Catalonia (2018 to present):

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"Living from the air" is in commission now - great success for community wind in Catalonia

The EUROSOLAR Spain's community wind project "Viure del aire", Living from the Air, was commissioned last month and is operational. The head of EUROSOLAR Spain, Dr. Josep Puig, said: "I'm pleased to inform that the Southern Europe's first community wind project is fully operational now. There are more than 500 people, associations and small companies participàting involved it."

The project took nine years from the idea to the making it operational, without any subsidy nor any premium price.It is a real demo that people can act despite the bad political energy regulations in Spain.

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The first community-owned wind turbine in Catalonia

The Spanish section of EUROSOLAR launched a pioneering initiative in our country: Living from the air of the sky. It involves the installation of a wind turbine of shared ownership among citizens who voluntarily provide the money needed to realize the project. At the end of November, the work on the first community-owned wind turbine project has begun.

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New Catalan energy model for 100% renewable energy by 2050

On Monday, 31 January 2017, the Catalan Government approved the final document of the Covenant for the Catalan Energy Transition with the aim of reaching 100% renewable energy by 2050. The priorities are to place the citizen at the center of energy model, ensuring security of supply and to establish an essential instrument in the fight against pollution. The document has been discussed with the social partners and the energy sector, and now come to Parliament for the presentation and negotiation with political groups. It is the result of a participatory process, started in 2015. The Spanish section of EUROSOLAR has played a key role in the process, mainly in the 6th issue about democratization of energy systems.

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