New Energy Market Order (NEMO)

Secure and affordable power supply can only be achieved through a New Energy Market Order in which renewable energies play a central role, the decentralized energy turnaround is accelerated, and the energy markets interplay.  

The NEMO framework lays out the following central claims:

  1. Convergence of the energy markets – between the electricity market and the markets for heat, fuels and gas – as the central prerequisite for a new market order
  2. Acceleration of the renewable energy expansion and the electricity and heat exchange
  3. Active and cost-effective network expansion to reinforce and strengthen existing structures and close gaps in the distribution and transmission network as required
  4. Flexibility of the market as the core of a new energy market order
  5. Creation of a positive regulatory framework for energy storage
  6. The electricity market for renewable energies must enable trade in renewable electricity products - through a renewable electricity market and direct tenders for tenants
  7. Introduction of a pollutant tax to call to account fossil energy operators and the gradual withdrawal of coal

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