EUROSOLAR is the European Association for Renewable Energy. In order to reach our aim of a quick, affordable and dezentralized energy supply with 100% renewables, a network of European section is working together.

In 13 European countries EUROSOLAR-sections are working for a successful energy transition in their country. Tying together the best experts in each country, EUROSOLAR keeps an overview of the political barriers in each country, the challenges to the implementation of renewable energy and the opportunities that arise from the national framework conditions.

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For further questions about the sections, for interview partners or experts in national politics, law and/or economics, the head office in Bonn is happy to connect you to the suitable contact person.

Turkey.pngThe Renewable Energy Association of Turkey, EUROSOLAR Turkey, organizes “IRENEC International 100% Renewable Energy Conferences” every year since 2011. Please visit or conference section of our website for the details (programme, supporters, sponsors and media sponsors) of IRENEC conferences and exhibitions.

This year, we will hold the 7th of IRENEC Conferences on 18 - 20 May 2017 in Istanbul, Turkey. We would like to see you in our IRENEC 2017 Conference as a participant or a presenter. Please find herethe Call for Paper and Suggested Topics for your consideration. You can submit your abstract from our website through “Online Abstract Submission” tool under the “Conference” tab. The deadline for abstract submission is 30 December 2016.

peter droege klein neu Comment by Prof. Peter Droege

The narrow pro-Brexit vote was triggered by the rivalry of a pair of self obsessed Eton graduates, David Cameron and Boris Johnson, aided by a coterie of fear mongering pocket demagogues and a seeming ocean of under informed voters critical of what they understand to be 'globalisation policies'. 

On 19 September 2016 Josep Puig, Vice-President of EUROSOLAR and President of EUROSOLAR Spain, held a vivid speech at the Comission of Environment and Sustainability of the catalan Parliament in order to contribute to law negotiations regarding climate change.

 The speech is now available in written form and can be read below.

peter droege klein neuEVEN IF DONALD TRUMP DOES NOT YET ‚BELIEVE IN’ CLIMATE CHANGE – there are millions of reasons for the fundamental transformation of the world’s energy systems to renewable resources.

Millions of lives have been sacrificed on the altar of fossil fuels – and many million more are doomed if we will not make the switch to renewable energy world-wide. To work for peace means finally leaving the 20th century behind, a century of war and an age of conflict exacerbated by fatal energy systems. It is in our common interest to lay down arms and join in the struggle against our own inherited energy and resource dependencies.

Austria.pngOn 1 October the Austrian Solar Prize was awarded in Graz. In total, ten solar prices and three recognitions were awarded to projects and initatives engaged in the promotion of renewable energy in Austria.